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Bishop Jasper Rolle, Jr. – The Man, The Message and The Vision

Jasper Rolle Jr., Pastor, Founder and Presiding Bishop of the Abundant Life Tabernacle Ministries. With many churches located in various regions, its headquarters is based in the Bronx, New York.

Bishop Jasper Rolle is an anointed man of God who is totally committed to the cause of Christ. For over 30 years he has preached an uncompromising gospel. To this day he stands with insurmountable faith and the power of God on his life freexxx. Supernaturally empowered for spiritual warfare, Bishop Rolle fearlessly and unshakably snatches souls from the clutches of the enemy daily and leads them to the foot of the cross.

Bishop Jasper Rolle’s educational credits include a Bachelors of Religious Education from New York School of the Bible and a Masters of Theology from Ephraim Moore University. He has also received numerous awards and commendations from the Bronx Borough President’s Office, The Men of War Fellowship of New York and the Man of the Year Award from the Jessie Jackson Rainbow Coalition. His other ministerial roles include authoring several books as well as evangelizing by way of television and radio.

Bishop Rolle has received an unusual impartation from God to communicate spiritual truth and revelation to the believer, while being simultaneously empowered to preach deliverance and salvation to those held captive by the enemy. A true warrior and general in the army of the Lord, he is literally unstoppable in fulfilling his call to advance the Kingdom of God. Those privileged to glean from his teachings are motivated and challenged to fulfill God’s destiny and purpose for their lives. In addition, Bishop Rolle models for disciples how to manifest the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Bishop Rolle’s mandate and passion in ministry is teaching the Body of Christ the importance of developing and maintaining an intimate relationship with the Father, with an emphasis on the importance of true worship and total praise. His vision encompasses a holistic approach. Meeting the natural and spiritual needs of people in the urban community through food pantries and community outreaches are just a few of his projects. Bishop Rolle is most renowned for his summer Tent Camp Meetings, held in Harlem and the South Bronx in New York City. A month of nightly services is held, resulting in hundreds of souls coming to the Lord. Thanks to Bishop Rolle’s obedience to God’s leading of this specialized ministry, those who possibly would have never stepped foot into a church building have now accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In early fall, there is the Community Health Awareness Outreach, where families are screened and educated about a variety of health issues. In December, he heads the Community Christmas Gospel Fest, where community children are given toys and their parents’ bags of food for the holiday season. Each special event includes ministry in the form of preaching, singing and praise dancing.

Bishop Jasper Rolle Jr.’s hearts desire is to see revival come to the entire church world, particularly in the Northeast. Ultimately, he is a man after God’s own heart, whose ministry is touching the lives of many throughout the United States.